Dissatisfaction with government: A new American pasttime

I’m not sure the word “dissatisfaction” adequately describes my complete and utter disgust with the entire political process in this country as it now stands.

Left or right, it doesn’t matter…the political discourse in the nation is dominated by finger-pointing, innuendo, and outright lies. There is no appetite or consideration for achieving concrete solutions.

This is not merely the fault of the political class. It is also a result of the sins of business, organized labor, and a citizenry either too caught up in their day-to-day existence (or too disinterested) to care…much less act…to change things.

In the case of the current crisis of unaccompanied, undocumented minors entering the US illegally, the right demands our President follow the law regarding immigration, then, when it is pointed out he is doing it, they demand he somehow change the law.

The President, for his part, ignored dire predictions of just such an outcome over two years ago if nothing was done, and, like so many other things under his watch…nothing is exactly what was done. We get the government we deserve. It’s up to us to make it one that our children and grandchildren deserve.


One thought on “Dissatisfaction with government: A new American pasttime

  1. Let us also be mindful of the role of the news media in stoking the ire of folks who are locked into news outlets that offer programming and news stories that comport with their political leanings. The media has been very adept at slowly turning up the heat over time with incendiary rhetoric and trumped-up atrocities to keep folks hooked in. Good for ratings — VERY good — and is succeeding in radicalizing the thought processes of otherwise ordinary people, as well as their passions. Cable news and talk radio have developed into the propaganda arm of their respective parties and ideologies, and far too many people don’t realize that they’re being played like a cheap harmonica.

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